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10 Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services

Mere willingness to undertake a project doesn’t guarantee qualification or proficiency in that specific discipline. [...]

Form 990: Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax Overview

The direct method reports cash provided by and used for various activities. The indirect method [...]

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Using the cash flow statement example above, here’s a more detailed look at what each [...]

Owner’s Draw vs Salary: Paying Yourself as a Business Owner

The $30,000 profit is also posted as income on Patty’s personal income tax return. In [...]

Bookkeeping, tax, & CFO services for startups & small businesses

Since 2016, we’ve provided hundreds of growing companies a dedicated team of experienced startup accountants [...]

Accidentally Wrote Void On A Check: Heres What To Do!

Once uploaded to a secure system, checks are immediately destroyed in conventional bank transactions. Even [...]

Debt to Equity Ratio Calculator Formula

Conversely, a lower ratio indicates a firm less levered and closer to being fully equity financed. In [...]

Bookkeeping Sacramento, CA Online Bookkeepers & Accountants

As Owner of their own small company I will bring a level of professionalism and [...]